Do’s And Don’ts For Your Trade Show Marketing In 2022 

trade show marketing

While trade show marketing still exists in the current digital environment we are in, it is so much better in person.

Once everything settles down again and COVID-19 is defeated, participating in a trade show or conference will once again be a key marketing tactic for businesses like yours. Trade shows specifically provide you with plenty of public exposure, while also helping you create meaningful contacts with consumers who are interested in your offering and your industry. [Click here for a list of Calgary trade shows coming up in 2022.] You should learn how to use trade show marketing to effectively elevate their trade show experience. 

Custom trade show marketing promotes your business before, during and after the tradeshow itself. It requires an investment of time and money but unlike other marketing strategies, trade shows put you directly in front of potential buy-ready customers and partners in a dynamic environment. Keep reading for the do’s and don’ts to to find trade show success this year!


1. Use trade show marketing to advertise involvement prior to show 

Organizations with booths at trade shows can use trade show marketing to send out advertisements to key customers to generate interest in the event. Businesses can use printing services to create a wide array of ads, such as flyers and posters.

Banners can also be made to advertise the event to motorists. Increasing awareness about the trade show can help generate more traffic for the conference, which in turn can expose more consumers to the company’s brand. 

2. Use trade show marketing materials to maintain high visibility 

Trade shows are popular, crowded events where stalls without proper promotional materials can fade into the background. Attending corporations can ensure they stay noticed throughout the show by investing in signs that boost their visibility. Banners and flags displaying the company name and logo can be placed in front of the booth to allow organizations to flaunt their brand to passing guests. 

3. Provide incentives for attendees to visit company booths 

Businesses should give people a reason to stop by the booth when attending a trade show. Printers like Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard can assist you in designing promotional products that attract consumer attention while creating positive interactions with the organization. Giving guests free branded items like T-shirts, water bottles, notepads, and pens is a classic trade show marketing technique that can make a lasting impression on potential customers. 


Attending conferences and trade shows can offer businesses a chance to meet and connect with potential customers. It also makes a strong impression on the community. However, there are three main mistakes companies should avoid when participating in festivals. 

1. Trade show marketing with absence of logo incorporation at the booth

An organization’s logo is the face of its brand, making it crucial to showcase the symbol at the event to increase brand familiarity. A business lacking a logo – and a n overall cohesive identity – is not easily differentiated from other booths at the trade show. It will be less memorable.

Companies can use printing services to create eye-catching signs for the event that proudly display their symbol. Organizations can accentuate their logo by adding color to their banners. 

2. No forms of consumer engagement 

Businesses should have a plan for attracting consumers to their booths through some form of visitor interaction. Offering promotional products to people who stop by the booth, for example, will leave a lasting impression on the recipient. Organizations can give out event-appropriate items to increase the effectiveness of their ad specialties, such as gifting branded water bottles or caps during athletic events. 

3. Lack of networking with booth visitors 

Trade shows are the perfect opportunity to grow a company’s list of contacts. You can use business card printing to make customized cards visitors may take from the booth.

Organizations with newsletters and text-based promotions can bring signup sheets and pens to the event to increase their number of subscribers. 

Post Press 

Understanding how to avoid the above three mistakes will allow businesses to elevate their event-going experience while attracting more attention to their booth and brand.  The best printed items for trade shows include booth displays, handouts – brochures, posters, pens, notepads, presentation folders, booklets, etc. And don’t forget your business cards. To see our full array of trade show marketing products and request a quote, click here

Reach out to Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard. We can help with creative design aspects as well as developing an in-depth marketing plan to make sure your efforts pay off.