Sandwich Boards

Stop New Business In Their Foot Steps With Sandwich Boards

Do you want walk-by and drive-by traffic to know you’re open? And to know you follow all social distance guidelines? A-frame signs – often called ‘Sandwich boards” – are a “can’t miss” addition to your business space. Plus, in today’s environment, it is a fantastic tool to show that your establishment is first and foremost open for business but that your business is safe to do business with. This type of ground-level signage are important marketing and awareness-generating devices to have in and around your business location. They help direct clients and customers to your location. At Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard, we are here to help you reinforce your business awareness and can assist in your efforts to showcase your adherence to social distancing requirements.

Sandwich Boards

A-Frame and Sidewalk Signs are typically framed or molded plastic signs that direct passersby into your location. These signs give you the flexibility to change your content frequently, so your messages are always fresh and relevant. A-Frame and Sidewalk Signs also offer a quick, cost-effective way to draw attention to sales, events, or new product promotions. With a variety of sizes to choose from, your message will draw the attention of foot traffic no matter your location. A-Frame signs are also durable enough to be left outdoors throughout the day. We can design sandwich boards and signage that are specific to your needs.

· Effective signage sidewalk signs are popular because they are easy to move and are a very effective form of outdoor advertising.

· Make an impact with only 2-3 seconds to catch your potential clients, our team at Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard knows how to make the design stand out.

· Keep it simple keeping the design simple will ensure you get your message across, and changeable inserts allow you to change your message quickly and easily!

In addition to awareness for your business sandwich boards for the purpose of social distancing awareness can be nicely complemented with social distancing posters, banners, decals, floor graphics, wall graphics, window clings, and more!

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Let us Design it

At Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard, we have the unique ability to give you the personalized attention you deserve while offering the highest level of quality and service. Work with us to design and produce your unique sandwich boards and A-frame signs. We will make sure your customers know you are open. Your sidewalk level signage will be designed with the utmost care and clarity and we will make sure that your finished products are professionally printed so you can feel confident in them turning walk-by traffic into walk-in traffic

Custom Solutions Just For You

Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard will layout and execute your designs with the utmost care and clarity ensuring they are accurate and match your brand’s identity. Choose the sign best suited for your business to grab the attention of sidewalk and street traffic alike. Sandwich boards come in many shapes, sizes and materials. We provide:

· Durable free standing frame designed to withstand wind and outdoor weather to hold your poster, promotion, logo, or other printed display.

· Coroplast plastic boards are an economical choice for poster board signs. Coroplast is comparable in price to foam core displays and more durable

· Polystyrene is a thin plastic with a smooth face. This lightweight and resilient material is perfect for signs that require flexibility to follow contours in the display

· Aluminum signs are finished with white baked enamel on both sides and drilled holes according to your hanging needs.

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