Tent Cards

From Restaurants and Events, to Office Counter Tops and Waiting Rooms, You Can Find Tent Cards Everywhere.

Tent cards are a subtle and less pushy way to communicate your message to your already in-house customers and prospects. They let your clients to receive more facts about your company, promotions, products, or services without overwhelming them with too much information. These products are incredibly hard to ignore. If you place tent cards in a good location, this will give you extra exposure. Your client’s human nature will attract them to pick up the tent card and read its content, which will result in a boost in sales.

tent cards

To get the most out of your tent card, try to have a different message on each side of it. If you’re unsure of what to add on one of the sides, you can always tell your company’s history. Also, you must make sure that the images in the tent card are high-quality and attractive to the eye. The more attractive your tent card looks, the higher the chance for your clients to feel tempted to pick it up and read it. Remember that your tent card needs to be subtle, so provide enough information for your audience to grasp the basics without having to read too much.

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Let us Design it

Our design team will carefully elaborate a clever design that will fit your business needs and communication objectives, while keeping in mind the best layout, style, and colours for your tent card. We will help you design a tent card that can quickly tell your customers what you offer and how you can provide solutions to their problems.

Custom Tent Cards Solutions Just For You

  • Glossy and matte options
  • Lightweight, sturdy material
  • Double-sided
  • Full-colour printing
  • Lamination
  • Horizontal and vertical design

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