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Greeting Cards Let Your Customer Know You Care About Their Business

Sending personalized greeting cards will show your clients that they are on your mind. You can include a personal message with an anecdotal story or a discount code for future business. Perhaps you have an event coming up that you want to invite them to attend. A branded invitation will incite excitement and show consideration. Greeting cards can serve whatever purpose you desire.

Your greeting cards or invitations should be crafted with care to establish the tone of your message. Use high-quality paper and colours that match both your brand and the type of messaging. To show additional thought, consider adding a branded envelope to accompany your card.

greeting cards
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With Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard’s custom announcements, personalised invitations, greeting cards and holiday cards, we can help you find the perfect design to suit your preferences, or you can choose from standard traditional styles to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to send out a simple greeting card or want to dazzle your recipients with a personalised invitation to match the pomp and circumstance of the occasion, we have both the experience and the ability to not only share your announcement but make it shine.

Custom Greeting Card Solutions Just for you

  • Holiday Cards
  • Corporate cards and events
  • Engagement
  • Birth
  • Save The Date
  • Birthday Invitations
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Graduation Invitations
  • Special Parties

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