Marketing Solutions


A custom printed and branded calendar keeps your name in front of your client. Your name will stay on a prospective customer’s wall or desk for an entire year. What other promotional material has that type of longevity?
Door Hanger

Door Hangers

Door hangers are effective pieces of your marketing and advertising because they immediately grab your attention as you reach for the door handle.
greeting cards

Greeting Cards

Sending a personalized greeting card will show them that they are on your mind.


Sponsors of events use custom decals with their logo to hand out to participants and spectators. Use custom labels to organize your office, warehouse bins, and more.
custom magnets


Custom magnets are powerful, effective, and affordable promotional products. Custom magnets are the type of promotional product that lives – and sticks – with your customers.


A newsletter filled with interesting information creates a bond between your company and your customer. Share some details about your favourite projects. Make yourself a valuable source of information by including the latest industry news in your newsletter.


Postcards can be cut and designed in all shapes and sizes to stand out from the crowd, ready at your cash counter or tradeshow booth to be placed into your customer’s bag to create the next call to action.
branded promotional products

Promotional Products

From custom branded apparel to golf accessories to cups and mugs, we have what you need to share your brand, show gratitude or start a conversation.
sell sheets

Sell Sheets

Sell sheets are a great way for you to give just enough information to be intriguing. Sell sheets are short, sweet, and designed to promote the best of your business in a concise one-page package.
Sandwich Boards

Sandwich Boards

Do you want walk-by and drive-by traffic to know you’re open? A-frame signs – often called ‘Sandwich boards” – are a can’t-miss addition to your business space.
tent cards

Tent Cards

These products are incredibly hard to ignore. If you place tent cards in a good location, this will give you extra exposure. Your client’s human nature will attract them to pick up the tent card and read its content, which will result in a boost in sales.