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4 Reasons to Make Memo Pads an Office Staple (Pun Intended)

Memo Pad

Small, medium, or large, there are few items used more frequently in the office than the memo pad. With endless opportunities for customization in colour, shape, and size, you can tailor the look for your specific needs, even adding grids, ruled lines or charts to accommodate your use. Branding and contact info is the cherry on top for this multipurpose office item, as it can be used to a similar function as your business cards when given to clients. As a universally useful item, your memo pads will bring function to their everyday lives and as a bonus, your branding will feature in their daily routine, increasing your brand awareness.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the power of this handy pad of paper – its uses are lifechanging when it comes to productivity and organization. Use in your own offices and warehouses will contribute to a sense of put together professionalism and make it easy for your employees to keep efficient in day-to-day operations. Keep reading for the full breakdown of why memo pads will be your new favourite stationery item!

1.   Never Forget anything again with a memo pad!

Memo pads and to-do lists are a match made in heaven. When you write something down you are guaranteed to remember it better, and the satisfaction of crossing it off your list once completed is an underrated thrill in itself. Need to make sure you remember to reply to an email? Write it down. Have a question to ask your boss the next time you run into her at the coffee station? Write it down. Having a memo pad at your desk is easy and convenient because its always ready to use.

2.   Pass notes like its grade school

Need to give someone a reminder? Write it down, tear it out, and give it to them. They won’t forget the Wi-Fi password when it’s staring them right in the face. Take meeting minutes on your memo pad to give someone after an important chat to make sure they remember their next steps. Less fleeting than a desktop notification, a piece of paper will have some permanence on their radar which will ensure your message gets addressed.

3.   Strategically place your memos

Whether that’s on the door reminding you to close the window before you leave for the weekend or on your leftover takeout marking your territory in the communal fridge, tear-able memo pads are reminder friendly. No need to rely on a ribbon tied around your finger when you can spell it out and leave it where you need it. Keep on top of your tasks and organization easily by keeping your memo pad handy along with your favourite pen.

4.   You’ll always have scratch paper at the ready with a memo pad

When a logistics problem demands more bandwidth than your mental math can handle, a memo pad has got your back. With a clean slate at the ready you’ll be prepared to sort out your thoughts at the drop of a hat and give your clients answers right away. The added bonus of being able to label and show your work makes explaining things easy and with a simple tear, the page can be saved for future reference.

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We hope you’ll consider adding memo pads to your rotation of staple office supplies and find it just as useful as we do! To get started on your custom design, contact us today! We’ll walk you through the process every step of the way.

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