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5 Reasons to Install Window Signage for your Business

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5 Reasons to Install Window Signage for Your Business

Does your business have a window? That’s prime real estate just waiting to be utilized with window signage!

Just as its name suggests, window signs are placed in your windows or glass doors with the objective of highlighting your brand and allowing it to stand out from surrounding businesses. The right signage can attract potential and recurring clients by showcasing your products, services, menu, and promotions.

Here are five reasons why you should install window signage for your business:

  1. It’s large and attractive. When potential customers walk or drive by your storefront, they will be drawn to your door with eye-catching graphics placed at eye level.
  2. It’s economical. Window and door signage is relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of advertising, and will pay for itself over time. Additionally, vinyl window perforations help retain heat in the winter and block the sun’s rays in the summer.
  3. It reinforces your brand. A cohesive marketing campaign involves varied collateral with the same message: business cards, brochures, posters, promotional materials and signage. Make your brand stand out from the rest with window signage!
  4. It’s secure. You can see outside, but others can’t see inside. The vinyl adds an additional layer of protection against small rocks and environmental debris, and it’s weather and fade resistant. The adhesive is extremely strong but it can be removed without damaging the glass.
  5. It works! Research has shown that 50 percent of your customers learn about your store through on-premise signage. Additionally, 85 percent of your customers reside or work within a five-mile radius of your business.
So, now you have an idea why you should use this great marketing tool. But you still need to ensure you use it strategically. Companies that fail to utilize their window space effectively will miss out on communicating with pedestrian traffic. 

Follow these three tips to ensure you are using this marketing tactic wisely while elevating the look of your window signage:

  1. Periodically change your window display. Instead of only using a single decal to decorate the window, you can replace your signs by putting up decals that are relevant to the season. Holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day are perfect opportunities to put up festive window displays. Switching the decals will help you maintain interest and prevent the display from feeling stale. Decals that are static clings can be placed onto glass surfaces without the need of any adhesive, allowing companies to easily attach and remove the sign when seasons change or promotions end.
  2. Avoid overuse of the space. Maintaining visibility through window signage is crucial. It is important to consider the needs of your indoor customers. Too much coverage will block natural light from entering the building and possibly prevent your customers from seeing outside. A perforated decal has specially designed punctures that allow for one-way visibility, displaying an image to those passing the ad outside without completely blocking the view of patrons sitting inside.
  3. Utilize two-sided decals. You can also work with us to design two-sided decals. Two-sided informational signs can be stuck onto doors with glass panes to ensure the content is legible from either side. This is often used to communicate your business hours.


When you’re ready to boost your brand and your sales, contact our signage experts for a consultation and see what you can gain with window and door vinyl. Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard can help you design and create window signage that will strengthen your passerby awareness. Contact us today to discuss the best print options for you!

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4 Ways Print Partnerships Can Save You Time and Money

print partnerships

4 Ways Print Partnerships Can Save You Time and Money

Your business, like almost every business, needs paper products (like brochures and letterhead) to build and strengthen their brand. Between graphic design, production pre-sets and regular re-orders, keeping things organized can be a challenge. Consistently partnering with the same printer and forming print partnerships can make things significantly more efficient and convenient for you and your business.

Below are four ways print partnerships with a professional printer like Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard for the long haul can save you time and money:

Collaborative Process

You have your own unique needs. A professional printer can work with you to design and print materials that are right for your business. Printers can make a difference through graphic design services, brand building creative, or by securing branded promotional products (like magnets, notebooks, or water bottles). Printers serve as true marketing partners, often costing less than you would pay to individually produce or order all these items.


It’s likely you don’t have the time or capacity to develop high-quality print marketing on your own. It is vital to consider a collaborative partnership with a print and design company. A professional printer can easily adapt your designs or logos to work for professional booklets and brochures, banners and flags, letterhead and business cards, presentation folders and flyers, and more.


Quality craftsmanship is paramount in printing. The skilled, tenured experience of a printer’s staff ensures your projects receive meticulous attention to detail, seamless color matching, and superior finishes. By working with a printer, you benefit from an experienced eye, a skillful touch, and unrivaled personal service.


Competence and quality are often the most important factors in weighing your print options. Although it can be difficult to evaluate these before you’ve worked with someone, there are several indicators to look for from any print partner:

  • Request to see samples of past jobs done for other customers
  • Inquire about areas of specialization
  • Ask if bundled pricing or services are included
  • Ask if shipping and/or delivery is included
  • Inquire about the quality control process
  • Inquire about the communication process
  • The make-up and size of the team
  • The make-up and diversity of the print equipment
  • Typical turnaround time for specific jobs
  • Environmental standards
  • Proximity and availability to your location


Your time is valuable, so making wise choices is of utmost importance. Taking time to enter a print partnership that maximizes your investment is well worth your consideration. Often, choosing the right printer means you are beginning a relationship that will last for years. Curious how Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard can help you save time and money for your printing needs? Contact us today. 

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4 Ways to Market Small Business Through Print

small business

4 Ways to Market Small Business Through Print

Your small business — whether a sole proprietorship, franchise, partnership or professional corporation — has plenty of competition and must work hard to stand out from the crowd. When looking at offline solutions, you need to take advantage of cost-effective products to advertise your products and services. A key is to procure items that will consistently be seen by multiple people over an extended period. Because you are a “small” business, financial limitations may price certain advertising products (such as billboards) out of reach, but there are many less expensive products that can equally spread your brand without breaking the bank. Here are our suggestions to focus your budget to market your small business through print: 

Business Cards

The most important advertising product in which you can invest is business cards. The reason they make such an excellent marketing tool is because they contain all your pertinent information in a small amount of space. This ensures your message is clear and concise. Business cards are so small, in fact, that potential consumers have no qualms about taking one. Most importantly, business cards are inexpensive to obtain. A well-designed business card includes most of the following key elements:

  • Business name
  • Logo
  • Contact information (address, telephone, email, website)
  • Company slogan
  • A brief description of your products or services


Business storefronts and subsequent signage are as old as stores themselves. Your sign provides you with a 24/7/365 advertising opportunity. Like a business card, the minimum elements are name and logo, but you can also include your hours, website and phone number. This allows potential customers who see the sign after hours to learn about your company the moment they interact with your storefront on their own time.

Posters and Flyers

Depending on your business, posters and flyers for distribution among busy local gathering areas (such as shopping malls) can pay huge dividends in getting your business found. This print collateral can be created with software found on most PCs and free online templates. Or, you can have them professionally designed with print in mind. It is important to capture the viewers’ attention with:

  • A catchy heading
  • An attractive image
  • Easy-to-read text
  • Most importantly, what action you want them to take (call you, visit your website, visit your store)

Promotional Items

Promotional items are additional products that small businesses like yours can purchase to advertise their brand. Apparel merchandise such as jackets, caps, t-shirts and pullovers, as well as other useful goods such as travel mugs, pens and notebooks, are all products that consumers will use in their daily lives. Having your business’ name and logo on them makes them walking billboards for your company. You can give them away to reward current clients, raffle them off, or even sell them if there is intrinsic value and interest.


Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard can work with you to create the right print marketing campaigns for your business. We specialize in graphic design for all your printing needs. Contact us today to bring your brand to life in print!