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Marketing During Calgary Stampede 2022

calgary stampede

Is your business ready for Calgary Stampede 2022?  

Last years Stampede wasn’t quite the same as it used to be, but this year promises another chance to do it up big. Planning for an event like this takes time, so if you don’t want to get bucked off your bronco before the bell even sounds, now is the time to get your Stampede-related marketing into motion. Each July, our city’s business efforts grind to a halt UNLESS conducted over a beer or a pancake breakfast – your marketing and branding needs to stand out to keep up.

It’s one of the most important times of year for business development and corporate relationship maintenance. So much business gets discussed during Stampede week. Maybe the contracts aren’t signed these 10 days but things get planned and finalized a couple weeks later. Love it, or hate it, the Stampede is a big deal for businesses in Calgary and you need to make sure you’re ready for it. Get your “YAHOO” on with these five Stampede marketing tips:

1. Ensure You Have Enough Business Cards

Whether you are attending a pancake breakfast or a beef-on-a-bun barbecue networking event, you need to be ready. If you are looking to expand or increase your sales and leads, make sure you always have your business cards on you. You have no idea who you are going to meet over a syrup-filled breakfast meeting, at the midway or cheering on your favourite chuckwagon team. Have fun with it. Make sure your business cards are imaginative and memorable. Afterall, jeans and a cowboy hat might be your attire of choice for a couple weeks but there 350+ other days in the year. Think about creating special cards just for the Stampede. Also, consider using a QR code so you are mobile-friendly.

2. Networking

Talking about pancakes and cowboy boots, events you can attend there are literally hundreds of business-related events you can attend. Or, consider hosting one of your own. Make use of these opportunities to attend all the breakfasts, parties and events possible. During these western-themed get-togethers, you have a natural ice-breaker to get a conversation started. Shine up your elevator pitch. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, your company and your line of business and talk a little work. Don’t forget to listen first – talk second. Be friendly and interested. And, be interesting in return – not just because of the hot-pink handkerchief around your neck. The city literally changes its personality for roughly two weeks. Take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere and do a little business.

3. Don’t Wear Horse Blinders

One of the best pieces of advice for marketing in Calgary during Stampede Week is to never stop looking for business opportunities. You just have to be ready to grab them when you see them. It might be as obvious as a sponsorship all the way to sharing a chat as you wolf down a dozen mini-donuts.

4. Host Your Own Stampede Breakfast

Consider hosting a breakfast for your company, your staff, your clients and your vendors. Send old-fashioned invitations by mail. Create posters for your staff to pass on to friends and family. This is a spectacular opportunity to get your name out there. Several businesses grind to a halt – maybe yours as well. Use this lull as a chance to communicate with your existing clients and NOT talk business. It may go without saying but NO SUITS ALLOWED. The wearing of jeans and a cowboy hat is *wink wink* mandatory. The breakfast may be free, but that doesn’t mean that people won’t come in the mood to spend future money with you.

5. Have a Little Fun

Embrace the opportunity to market the fun side of your business. Your image and brand awareness can evolve to exploit the moment. This can be as simple as temporarily designing a new logo. Or, have some fun and decorate your office with hay bales, faux wood corrals, etc. Plenty of businesses also use window signage to showcase their fun side.

6. Involve Your Team

The Calgary Stampede Parade is one the largest parades in North America. It is a single half-day event of the whole year. If your office is downtown, you may want to shut the barn doors for the morning. After all, unless you’re selling mini-donuts, you likely won’t be doing a lot of business that Friday morning anyhow. If that is impractical, maybe offer a rolling half-day off during Stampede to you’re your team an opportunity to attend/ engage with the events of the season. Let them wear jeans for the week and be a bit flexible with their time. Of course, you have a business to run, but remember, if they’re happy – they’ll be more productive. An appreciated employee will do more than expected. Also, if you are following through with #4 and hosting a breakfast, get them involved in the planning. Don’t force them to do anything they don’t want to do but maybe they are as excited about Stampede week as you are.


It is clear that the Calgary Stampede is a great time to do business, increase your company image and have a lot of fun. By the second Friday in July, with your eyes wide open, you’ll have found plenty of marketing in Calgary to shout, “Yahoo!” about. Designing and printing some of the ideas from above takes a bit of time. Reach out to our team today if you need some guidance on, “getting your Stampede on.” It’s not too early to start planning – and not just which jeans you are going to wear.
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The 5 W’s of Greeting Cards

greeting cards

Just in case you haven’t stumbled upon the Christmas decorations that have made their appearance on store shelves, this is your reminder that the Holiday season is fast approaching.

As you are thinking about ways to serve your clients during this busy time, consider the effect that sending out custom greeting cards will have. Receiving a warm holiday greeting from a favourite business is sure to brighten up your customer’s day.

Bring the excitement straight to their doorstep with this classic and thoughtful gesture!

Why should a business entity send greeting cards?

It’s a perfect way to show your customers just how much you value them and their support. Greeting cards can also give you the opportunity to reconnect with past clients who may have fallen to the wayside during the busyness of the year, which will strengthen the sense of loyalty and community around your brand.

Additionally, any time you use print media to showcase your signature branding you are creating marketing materials that will make an impression. Christmas cards are likely to stick around on the mantel or fridge for at least a couple of weeks, so snag your spot!

Who should you send them to?

It’s time to make a list and check it twice! The lucky recipients of your greeting cards could include staff, clients, prospects, and vendors. Consider your audience and craft a holiday message that’s appropriate for each category. For example:

  • In a message to a prospect:  highlight the desire to build a relationship with them in the coming year.
  • In a message to a staff member or client: thank them for their continued support.
  • In a message to a vendor: express your appreciation for their great services and products that add value to your business.

What exactly should you send?

Lucky for you, the Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard workshop has been well-stocked by our elves with all the trimmings and is ready to make your greeting card dreams come true. We can do any color, shape, or size you wish – using our premium quality printers we can print your photos onto glossy cardstock of varying weights and textures. Finish it off with a polished envelope and you’re ready to go!

How do you create and send custom greeting cards?

There are countless ways to make your greeting cards original. You can DIY them and include a personal handwritten message, create an e-card to virtually mail, or use a print company to share high quality photos with your clients. If you’re stumped when it comes to creating an eye-catching design you love, contact us today for graphic design services that will knock your stockings off! A mailing company can help you efficiently deliver your greeting cards once they are ready, or you can deliver them yourself to give your holiday wishes in person.

Where should you send them?

The answer to this question depends on who you are sending them to. If you are mailing a greeting card to a customer who is not a business, its appropriate to send it to their home address if they have provided it for your records. Greeting cards for business clients can be mailed to their office and to the representatives you have been working with. If you are mailing to an office, ensure that your correspondence reaches them before any holiday office closures so that they receive your wishes before they take off on vacation. This brings us to our next point!

When should you send them?

Ideally you want your greeting cards to arrive in early to mid December so that there is time for them to be displayed and enjoyed throughout the season. In order to reach your recipients in time, make sure to account for the time it will take for the postage to reach them. If you are mailing locally, the first week of December is a great time to send out your cards, which accounts for delays that may happen during this busy season.


Ready to spread some holiday cheer? Now that you know the 5 W’s of greeting cards we hope you feel prepared to start crafting your holiday messages.

Contact us today for help with designing your very own custom greeting cards!

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6 Ways a Print Shop has got your Childcare Business Covered

Print Marketing For Your Daycare

The services provided by childcare professionals play an important role in the everyday lives of many families, and a print company can be called upon to help them in their work. 

If you run a daycare in Calgary, you already know how rewarding and challenging the everyday grind can be. Where do you find time for marketing your daycare? How can you attract new candidate families every year? A sound strategy for marketing your daycare is critical to the success of your business, whether you’re an established childcare center or a home-based start-up.  Are you ready to take your daycare business to the next level? Let’s get started! Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard has the six best ways of marketing your daycare. Follow along as we attempt to assist you with promoting your facility so you can quickly grow 

Six best ways of marketing your daycare 

It goes without saying that your facility won’t make any money unless you’re able to market your daycare effectively. If parents don’t know about you, they can’t learn to like and trust you. The following daycare marketing tips will help you develop a winning strategyOur tips below include: 

  • Marketing Your Daycare: Branding 
  • Marketing Your Daycare: Marketing Materials 
  • Marketing your Daycare: Direct Mail 
  • Marketing your Daycare: Get the Word Out  
  • Marketing your Daycare: Be Creative 
  • Marketing your Daycare: No Money Solutions

1. Marketing Your Daycare: Branding 

Branding your daycare is important because people purchase on emotion. Parents will choose your business if it shares their values, especially when it comes to their children. At a glance, your prospects need to be able identify you and your branding. Without a branded identity, you’re just another daycare in the neighbourhood. To identify your branded image, you must consider how you’re different from your competitors. What differentiates your business from the next one? You also must understand your customers, and what motivates them.  

Skilled graphic design can visually transform your daycare’s branded identity from conception to something that truly moves the needle. Your daycare colors, logo, fonts, tone, website, and other marketing materials are all a reflection of your branding. The goal is for your prospects to be able to glance at your material and instantly recognize who it’s from and what you stand for. When you achieve this, you’ve developed an excellent daycare brand identity. 

2. Marketing Your Daycare: Marketing Materials 

There are numerous tools online to assist every business with templates and more. A mistake many daycares make is printing their own marketing materials. They view marketing as an expense when it is an investment designed to make money. Professionally printed material will always achieve more responses than desktop-printed materials. We are obviously biased, but we highly recommend you choose an affordable printing company such as Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard to deliver your message with accuracy, quality, and professionalism. Some suggested (must-have) daycare printed marketing materials: 

  • Business cards are inexpensive and expendable. Print as many as you can hand out, and make sure everyone you meet has one.  
  • Postcards are likewise cost effective and a great way to get your clientele to take a closer look at your daycare. 
  • Posters, strategically placedcan grab attention. Place them on community bulletin boards, grocery store corkboards and large institutions in your geography (large firms, universities, offices, etc.) 
  • Flyers, like posters can be placed on bulletin boards and anywhere else your target audience frequents. Under windshield wipers in the grocery store parking lot is also aoption.  
  • Booklets can be an extremely effective approach to daycare marketing Educate parents on child development, programs, differentiators, etc. Not only will your booklet add value and have shelf life, but it will also demonstrate that you’re an expert in this field and build trust and confidence. 
  • Brochures give you a means to inform parents on everything they need to know about your daycare so they can make sound childcare decisions. 

Calendars. Who doesn’t like calendars? Make your calendars kid-friendly and interactive. You can include important date reminders, stickers, vivid images, and other fun add-ons that draw attention to your company all year long. 

Greeting cards are the perfect reflection of your very personal business. Parents’ children trust your business with their most important assets. Greeting cards are an easy and efficient way of showing your appreciation.  

Stickers are a hit with kids and parents alike. They’ll get used. Everywhere.  

Printed newsletters are a perfect take-home to keep your parent clients informed on everything all year long.  

Some non-printed marketing must-haves include a uniquely branded and conversion-focused website, social media, email newsletters, and even TV/Radio.   

3. Marketing your Daycare: Direct Mail 

You have several options for designing your daycare direct mailMaybe you can design direct mails on your own. If not, you should hire a professional designer with the experience and skill needed. The DIY method is free, but if you’re not a graphic designer you’ll likely sacrifice quality. A professional designer like the team at Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard provides could be just the ticket. No matter whether you do it yourself or outsource your direct mail, you need 4 things: 

  • Craft a powerful headline 
  • Highlight your benefits 
  • Develop an incredible offer 
  • Motivate with a call to action 

4. Marketing your Daycare: Get the word out 

You must get the right message in front of the right audience, at the right time. And, each year, there are new challenges to fill your spots. Not to mention mid-year fills. As indicated previously, direct mail is one of the best ways to reach your prospects. Repetition is keyInstead of one postcard campaign, develop a strategy that incorporates multiple direct mailers during a six- or 12-month period. A long-term strategy contributes to your daycare branding efforts and allows you to develop long-term relationships. On top of direct mail, ensure your facility is listed with all the pertinent online advertising sites (Google My Business, Yelp,, etc.). Your best and least expensive advertisement is referrals and word-of-mouth. Word of mouth is daycare providers’ secret weapon. If one parent has a great experience, other parents will want their children to get a similar experience. In addition, make sure friends, family, and colleagues know what you do and are prepared to spread the word for you.  

5. Marketing your Daycare: Be Creative 

Sometimes, you need to think outside of the box. Creative marketing builds awareness, delivers valueand increases profits for you. Over the course of the year, you can try combinations of above with the below: 

  • Hosting an event can help you connect with the community – your clientele and prospects alike. Show them what you’re all about. Engage parents and children in fun family activities. And of course, have plenty of the above communicated print materials on hand to give away. 
  • Collaborating with complementary and non-competing businesses gets you in front of a whole other set of targets. It also allows you to split the cost of the event and giveaways. A joint newsletter sent regularly could also offer tips and tricks and simultaneously market your collective businesses.  
  • Creative message placement can make all the difference.  
  • Promote your unique differentiators 
  • Sell complementary products and services could be promoted to existing clientele as upsells or as loss leaders to bring in long-term daycare clients.  

6. Marketing your Daycare: No money Solutions 

A sound marketing campaign is the best way to market and grow your daycare. However, if you’re limited on funds, don’t worry. You can get started with little to no money. Start by engaging and networking your friends and family to see if they know families needing childcare services. Use your social media sites like Facebook and get your listing published in any/all free classifieds sites as possible.  

Post Press 

Childcare providers offer an invaluable service to most Canadian families. They supply a safe and educational environment for the children in their care, and in turn, they call on print companies to provide them with many of the materials they need during their day-to-day operations. No matter what type of daycare you’re operating – home-based, childcare facility, or preschool – you need to commit to a consistent marketing strategy to succeed. High-quality marketing materials will help you showcase the quality of your daycare, while intelligent marketing investments will help you yield greater return on investment. Don’t know where to begin, contact the team at Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard. We Design. We Print. You Profit. 

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Don’t Let Supply Chain Issues Squander Your Holiday Promo Plans!

Supply Chain Issues

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Would you believe us if we told you that Its time to start thinking about getting your product orders in for the winter and holiday season? While an early reminder never hurts, its especially relevant this year. Many factors are at play in 2021 that pose potential delays in raw materials and/or finished goods delivery times to our vendors and to us directly.  We source Canadian and local whenever and wherever possible but sometimes the raw materials originate from elsewhere. To ensure you receive your Q4 orders in time for holiday or new year timeframes, we recommend you consider planning and ordering them as early as today. Our Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard team are looking forward to working with you on your holiday orders such as promotional productscalendars and greeting cards to name a few. 

Although the situation remains uncertain, proper planning will ensure that you get what you need on time. Save yourself the time and stress by thinking ahead, your future self will thank you!  

Contact us today to start the conversation. 

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How You Can Effectively Market Yourself at Outdoor Events

Outdoor Event Marketing

With summer right around the corner it’s time to start thinking about how you can refresh your business’s marketing to reach potential customers. Warmer weather means more people are getting outside which presents a great opportunity to make the most of print advertising and signage to show off your personalized branding. The approaching outdoor festivals can provide businesses with the perfect venue to meet local customers and build brand recognition within a community. Having the right tools to advertise your company can ensure that you make an impression, and that customers leave events remembering your business. The Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard team of highly skilled designers and print professionals can work with you to get the most of your outdoor event marketing strategy. We are here to ensure you literally stand out in the crowd! 

Outdoor Events Marketing Tip #1: Make Your Company Visible 

The key to successful outdoor event marketing is visibility. Maintaining high visibility is a priority for companies attending events with large amounts of traffic where the opportunity to be seen by new potential customers is endless. Businesses can use banner printing services to create wide, eye-catching displays that gain the attention of crowd members. Information printed onto the banner should be big enough to be readable by those walking past the display, making it easy for them to write down your contact information or take a picture for later use. 

Outdoor Events Marketing Tip #2: Use the Right Materials

Outdoor event marketing happens outside, which can present some concerns when you’re thinking about using print media out in the elements. Our banners can be made from durable materials that resist damage received from rain, which can turn advertisements for outdoor events into long term investments capable of being reused at different festivals and events. General ads that feature the name of your company alongside your logo and slogan can be used as the sign for booths over and over again. 

Outdoor Events Marketing Tip #3: Pass it Around! 

There’s a near infinite possibility to the ways you can promote your business on the site of an outdoor event. Creating handouts such as flyers that can be distributed at a booth or printed materials that can be personally handed out to consumers around the event is a great way your outdoor event marketing strategy can cover ground. Flyers can help describe the goods and services you offer while providing useful contact information such as website addresses and phone numbers to potential customers. The more people who see your branding while out and about at an outdoor event, the more likely they are to remember your company and call you up when they need you.  

Outdoor Events Marketing Tip #4: Make Connections 

Business cards are another tool that you can bring to outdoor events as a distributable item. Customers may be interested in finding out more about the services you offer or purchasing items from you when they are ready, so it pays to invest in forming connections with potential clients by giving them professionally printed cards. Having a small token to bring home with them and toss on a kitchen table or fridge becomes a placeholder for your business and makes it easy for them to contact you in the future. 

Outdoor Events Marketing Tip #5: Dress to Impress

Sending your representatives to an event decked out in branded apparel is a great way to promote your business. They become a walking talking outdoor marketing event billboard. Not only will they be looking sharp while representing your company, but they will be walking advertising, promoting your business while passing out flyers, connecting with potential customers, and commuting to and from the event.  

Check out our recent branded apparel blog to discover five reasons why your company will benefit from having branded apparel!


Ready to start prepping for your outdoor event marketing campaign? Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard is your one stop shop for everything you need to make an impression this summer. Contact us for a quote today! We Design. We Print. You Profit! 

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How Giving Back Will Grow Your Business

Giving Back

If you’re here reading our blogs, you’re likely a small business, just like us. Our main source of income comes from our local community and we’re willing to bet that yours does too. When we support our community, they support us. It’s a symbiotic relationship and if you have not explored this option, you need to read on. Here are three ways giving back will grow your business:

 1. Brand Awareness

Let’s face it, everyone can use some positive publicity. Partnering with a local sports team or reputable charity that matches with your brand’s values can do wonders for brand awareness. This is yet another touchpoint where you can reach your customers. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Canadian parent who hasn’t had their child in a custom uniform with the words “Timbit” printed across the back. Does this make you think fondly about Tim Hortons? Your brand may not be as well-known as Tim Hortons, so if the first time your prospective customer sees your logo or name gives them a positive feeling, the more likely they will be to want to come and support your business. It takes time to build awareness of your company, so anything helps.
Things to consider when giving back:

  • Does this charity or cause match my brand values? Does this charity or cause make sense to partner with? It’s a good idea to think of giving back as a partnership. If you are a pet supply store, it would make sense for you to donate to a rescue shelter.
  • Is this charity or cause of reputable standing? It will reflect poorly on you if you do not do your due diligence and ensure the charity you are supporting is not under investigation for fraud and they do what they claim to do. Take a tour and ensure your donation is going to somewhere you care about.

2. Your Internal and External Customers Will Boast About You

Your first customers are your employees. They’re your most powerful supporters and when their company supports something good, they can’t wait to share it with the world. They will then be more passionate when speaking to your customers and your customers will feel that fire. By giving back, you empower your employees to be passionate about their place of work. Joy and passion are contagious. You’ll have less turnover if your employees feel committed to the great things your company is doing. Employee turnover is expensive when you consider training time, training materials, and the inefficiency of a new employee’s learning curve. Keeping morale high is good business sense.

How many times have you talked to an employee in a store and asked them for their truthful opinion of their company? Their answer is everything. If they’re silent, you wonder if it’s a bad company to work for and maybe you shouldn’t support them. If they start telling you all about the great things their company does for the community, you are far more interested in investing your hard-earned money with that company.

3. It’s Just Good

Giving back feels good. It is the act of gratitude and gratitude creates joy. This one is more psychological than even that last one. When you feel good, everyone around you feels good and they want to be around you. Supporting your community or a cause you care deeply about connects your business to something larger than yourself. Humans are wired for connection and especially at a time of social disconnection, anything you can do to build a sense of community around your brand with only boost business.

Tips to let people know what you’re doing

  • Add a charitable contribution/ corporate social responsibility page on your website listing the causes you support with links to their websites.
  • Create social media posts and tag the organization you’re supporting. For example, if you donate your employees’ time as well as financially, get them to take photos of them at the organization. With guidance, this can be done from their personal accounts to engage their personal connections as well as the business audience.
  • Share the organization’s campaign information when they post it.
  • Use your print and digital advertisements to offer a discount/ incentive for anyone who shows a donation receipt.


Giving back is both personally and professionally beneficial. When you choose the right organization to donate your time or money, both organizations succeed. Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard is a firm believer in supporting local and we are eternally grateful for our community. Giving back does not only mean charitable organizations. It also means supporting our local businesses as well. If you are looking for a local business to support or need support yourself, head to Bounce Back Canada. We are here for you because We Design. We Print. You Profit. Contact us today to support our local business with your next print or design job.

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Spring Cleaning – Five Signs it’s Time to Consider a Brand Refresh

spring cleaning

Now that Winter is over and Spring has sprung, spring cleaning is on everyone’s mind (well almost everyone). You can use this time to refresh your company’s branding and/or marketing collateral too. Many use the start of Spring as a time for new beginnings in their home and in their lives. The same concept can apply to your business’s branding also. Take an unbiased view at your logo, your colors, your fonts and messaging – both tone and word verbiage. A refresh can be as simple as designing a  logo tweak or as big as a total brand makeover. How will you know if the timing is right? Check out these five signs it’s time to consider a brand refresh this Spring:

1. You Can’t Recall When You Last Refreshed Your Branding

If you’ve been around for years and can’t remember ever changing up your logo, colors or messaging, it may be time to evaluate your branding. If you aren’t sure where to start, seek an outside opinion from branding experts. Have a professional audit of your website, latest marketing materials, logo and other messaging. This will help give your business an outsider’s opinion on whether or not it’s time for a change. They are impartial and unbiased. Sometimes you are too close to your brand to see what others see.

2. You’ve Never Changed It

If you think your brand is so recognizable that you can’t possibly refresh it, consider this: Even big name brands like Tim Horton’s and Shaw have undergone brand refreshes in recent years. No business is so recognizable that it can’t undergo an update. Consider auditing your branding to see if there can be any improvements made. While you shouldn’t simply change things for the sake of change, there may be small ways to improve. Consider what your logo and branding means to others not to you. Does it convey the message you intended? Another 2021 recommendation is to focus on mobile first. How does it display on the smaller screens?

3. Your Website Doesn’t Match Your Other Branding

If you’ve undergone a major change to your website but you failed to update other aspects of your brand – such as business cards, brochures, signage, invoices, etc. – it may be time for a refresh. A common mistake many businesses make is updating one part of their branding, and forgetting about consistency across the board. If your website is in the 21st century but your logo or tagline are lacking, consider updating so that all of your marketing materials, including your website, are consistent.

4. You’re Expanding or Contracting

Sometimes what you originally planned changes course. Businesses can outgrow their branding as their core vision or mission changes. Sometimes taglines or logos are too narrow (or too broad) and encompass only one core offering or product. While this may be where your business started, consider refreshing it to encompass where your business is going – not just where its at. It’s important when setting the course for your branding that you leave enough room for change.

5. Your Marketing Responses Have Plateaued

Your current marketing can say a lot about whether or not it’s time for a rebrand or refresh. Consider the responses to your most recent marketing campaigns and whether or not you’ve been effective. You can also poll your current customers to see how they feel about your branding. Ask what feelings your primary colors evoke. Ask if your tagline is easy to remember and helps drive your values or mission. The feedback you receive could be telling toward whether or not it’s time for an update. Keep in mind that each brand is different, and while your business may need a brand refresh after a couple years, another might still be going strong after the same number of years. Pay attention to the response you’re getting from your marketing materials and feedback from your website.

How Can You Tackle your Brand Refresh?

Start at the top. If you start Spring cleaning with the vacuum cleaner, you’ll later knock dust all over your floor with the duster. A top-down strategy works best, both for spring cleaning your home and whipping your brand refresh strategy into place.

  • Look at your logo, colours, and fonts.
  • Next look at what is most customer facing like your website, signage and sales collateral.
  • Finally look inward to your transactional communications like invoices and labeling. If you are in retail, consider how a refresh to your branding impacts your product packaging.

Remember, if you opt to refresh your branding, it does not mean you have to roll it out in a single moment. If you have significant volumes of perfectly good collateral with your older brand, decide whether the branding of it will impact your future. It may be perfectly okay to exhaust this inventory prior to updating with new collateral.


If you haven’t touched your branding in ages, it’s definitely time for an evaluation. And if all else fails and you aren’t sure where to start, don’t be afraid to seek out branding experts for some help! Contact the team at Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard today. We Design. We Print. You Profit!