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6 Inexpensive Ways You Should Use Print to Bolster Your Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth

Your customers who have an extreme experience when using your products or services can and will share their stories with fellow consumers. This word-of-mouth exchange happens when the experience was very good or very bad – seldom in the middle. When good, they will even recommend the company over other competitors. When not as good, it can really be valuable for you to listen to complaints and determine if there is room for improvement. Interestingly, businesses can use design and print partners like Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard to capitalize on the word-of-mouth advertising they receive – even for those non-extreme customers.

Why is word-of-mouth marketing important in 2021?

In one word: Trust. Word-of-mouth is the primary factor of over half of all purchasing decisions in the past year. If you want to influence people to buy from you, you need to make word-of-mouth considerations as part of your marketing strategy. Trust comes in three ways: noise, skepticism and connectivity.

People face an overwhelming amount of ad noise every day. To avoid being overwhelmed by it, people seek out the opinions and impressions of others in their networks. This allows them to properly decide what’s worth paying attention to.

People want products from trusted companies, but they are often skeptical of marketing ads. But they are far less skeptical of their friends and family and their opinions. They also prefer to consider recommendations and reviews from your existing customers and your brand advocates/ambassadors.

Consumers are connected to each other now more than ever. Word-of-mouth existed long before the internet and social media was ever conceived. But, with so many people connected through social media platforms and online communities, any news has the potential for virality. Experiences – good and bad – travels at an unprecedented pace and scale.

Brand Awareness Spreads Through Word-of-Mouth

Word-of-mouth marketing doesn’t stop after a single interaction between friends. Once someone spreads information to a new person, then that individual will spread it in turn—and on and on. Even if these conversations don’t lead to purchases, they bring brands into awareness. When a company or product is widely discussed, then their reputation builds as they are exposed to more channels where referral marketing is present.

How can you use print to help your company’s word-of-mouth experiences?

Below are 6 inexpensive ways you can use print to foster positive word-of-mouth marketing for your business can include such things as:

  1. Testimonials                
    Companies can gather testimonials from clients with positive reviews to incorporate into their advertising campaigns. These printed or digital word-of-mouth reviews can be printed on various stationery or used as social media posts. Using consumer testimonials can amplify past client opinions to prospects and new clients – particularly those that support the business. This activity can increase the number of people who are influenced by their review.
  2. Flyers/Brochures
    Printed advertisements, such as professionally printed flyers or brochures, can display printed or digital word-of-mouth testimonials to reinforce the features and benefits of a product or service. Adding testimonials written by satisfied customers can help build a favorable reputation for the business to those who are handed the ads.
  3. Customized forms       
    Marketers can use print shops to make customized forms that their clients can complete when visiting your company. Much of this activity has moved online but if you have a business with in-person clients, having success story forms available to be filled in, can allow valuable testimonials to be hand-delivered directly to your business. And, in turn can be printed and distributed to future clients.
  4. Coupons                       
    We can help design your forms to include coupons offering exclusive promotions like discounts as incentives. This in-hand solution can sway the perception of your company to submit reviews of your company.
  5. Direct Mail                   
    Whether it is coupons or flyers or a handwritten postcard, these can also be mailed.
  6. Promotional Gifts        
    You can send personalized corporate gifts to clients with positive testimonials to maintain their perception of the company. Showing appreciation for the kind word-of-mouth reviews may influence customers to continue recommending the business to other people while promoting continued loyalty towards the brand.


Ready to get the word-of-mouth marketing ball rolling for your business? Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard is your one stop shop for everything you need to make an impression this summer. Contact us for a quote today!

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How to Communicate with Your Customers by Using Deliveries


If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably been opting to shop online a lot more frequently this past year. Whether you’ve been receiving packages from your favourite online retailers or food delivery from that restaurant you used to frequent when dining in was possible, there has certainly been a huge cultural shift in the way people are choosing to interact with businesses. Deliveries have become a popular method for consumers to shop at their leisure and receive goods straight to their door. While ordering online may result in fewer in-person interactions, you can still create meaningful connections with clients and define your brand by improving deliveries. While getting your deliveries sent out to the end user in a timely and secure manner is priority #1, it is also a fantastic opportunity to re-enforce your brand identity and how you add value long after the purchase. Keep reading to find out how!

Pay Attention to Your Packaging

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of excitement you get when tearing the cellophane off a pristinely packaged box. It’s like unwrapping a present on Christmas morning – whether you’re one to tear in right away or prefer to neatly remove all the tape before revealing the surprise, there is something to be said for the experience of unwrapping something.

Packaging plays a crucial role in how customers will judge your brand, so whenever possible, you have a chance to make your deliveries special? Specific designs appeal to different demographics making it important that you learn to build your packaging around the kinds of customers you aim to impress/inform/educate.

The colour and font on your packaging can impact how effective a delivery is at capturing the attention of the receiver. As a foundation, these elements need to be consistent to your brand. For example, children tend to gravitate towards bright colors, while sleek and minimalistic designs can appeal to mature adults.

Think of what kind of packaging will best work for your product and what kind of potential it gives you to be creative. Will you choose a box? A bag? Or package your product in some other unique way?

Show off your Branding and Logo

You can use a printing service like Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard to customize your deliveries and get great-looking, high quality packaging products with your company’s branding and logos. Packaging is the ultimate opportunity to strengthen your identity in the eyes of your customer and increase the visibility of your business to potential clients. Boxes and bags quite often get re-used again and again before getting recycled.

You can also use the packaging to provide clientele more familiarity with your brand. You can design packages to display corporate logos, mission statements, and slogans as well as use it as an opportunity to provide contact information like a phone number or website.


Including a simple, non-intrusive request for delivery recipients to provide an online review of your products and your business is a good use of the packaging you are already sending.


A brand guide can make it easy to come up with great packaging design, check out our recent blog Six Essentials You Need to Include in Your Brand Guide | Printer Near Me to learn more about developing your very own brand guide!

Consider Alternatives

Depending on the volume of deliveries you fulfil, you may want to consider what other options are available and within your budget. Fully custom packaging often requires high minimum orders which can be costly depending on what you need. The good news is that things like custom die-cut stickers are a great cost-effective alternative that accomplish the same goal of developing recognizable packaging. You can still incorporate your brand colours and logos into these stickers, using them to promote your business. The following two strategies are also great ways to connect with customers through deliveries without breaking the bank.

Include a Message

Turning packages into forms of communication with customers can elevate their experiences with deliveries. Simple messages such as a thank you or a kind phrase can be printed onto the package, which can help build emotional relationships with clients. A client who feels like you care about them will have a much more positive image of your company, which may prompt them to recommend you to friends and family as well as stay loyal to you. Different quotes can be added to the design to give the brand more personality and convey your values. For more ways to make an impression with clients who receive your deliveries check out this article 5 Ways to Create Brand Exposure in a Contactless World | Printer Near Me | Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard

Make it Personal

Make your customers feel special by addressing them personally! Personalizing packages can make a lasting impression on customers by showing that you recognize and value their support in your business. With the help of a print company, you can create unique boxes or bags for occasions like birthdays, promotions, or anniversaries that are customized for the receiver. Again, Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard encourages the use of custom die cut stickers as an effective cost savings solution.

Post Press

Ready to level-up your delivery game? See how Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard can make all your branded packaging dreams come true! Contact us today! We Design. We Print. You Profit!

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5 Ways to Elevate your Custom Stationery

Custom Stationery

First impressions are important, don’t you agree? One of the best ways to impress your customers in the early stages of your relationship is by presenting your communication in a clean, consistent, beautifully formatted package. Custom stationery has a long and fascinating history as an artform dating all the way back to ancient Egypt where they first developed parchment out of things like animal skins! While we have refined papermaking techniques since then, the idea behind custom stationery is timeless.

Stationery gives you the opportunity to define yourself on your own terms and present your desired image to the world. By having unique and beautiful stationery you will set yourself apart and portray your company in a professional, put together manner. Follow these 5 tips to turn a plain office essential into gorgeous custom stationery your clients will remember!

1. Incorporate Your Branding

If your goal is to increase and maintain brand recognition, you need to focus on developing custom stationery that represents an accurate portrayal of your brand. With an amazing print partner like Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard, you can turn letterhead, envelopes, invoices or order forms into visually pleasing sources promoting your brand exposure by changing the paper’s color, fonts, or adding your logo as a watermark. Developing a brand guide, is an incredibly helpful tool you can use to nail down your signature colours, imagery, and personality. Every time a client or potential client comes across your stationery, they will become more and more familiarized with your company’s main identifiers, which is fantastic promotion for you.

2. Spice up Your Format

Changing up your formatting can be a great way to add interest to your company documents while maximizing their potential to communicate information. Adding custom headings and graphic organizers with coloured sections in your signature colour palette can be extremely helpful for viewers, plus it has the added bonus of making you stand out. Other things you can do with formatting include:

  • Adding patterned borders to frame your documents
  • Tinkering with your letter and line spacing until it looks just right
  • Putting in a header or footer

It’s important to remember not to overwhelm your design with too many elements to keep things looking professional. Our expert team is happy to help with your formatting needs and get you looking great!

3. Customize Your Font Styles

One-of-a-kind font is a sure way to differentiate yourself and make an impression from the very first look a customer has at your stationery. Straying away from traditional styles will give people a fresh experience with your print materials and create a unique brand identity. Want to convey a sense of elegance? Use a decorative script font! Looking for a more modern, professional vibe? A clean looking sans-serif font is a great choice. Brand consistency is the key to pulling off a cohesive overall look. Check out this article Why Brand Consistency is Key to the Success of YOUR Business | Printer Near Me | Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard to find out why brand consistency is the key to your business’s success and how you can use it to boost your company’s value.

4. Bring in the Heavyweights

Consider the kind of paper you choose for your various stationary needs. A thicker cardstock makes an impression on the viewer and comes across with an air of importance. We can print on a variety of differently weighted sheets to suit your preferences, as well as on colored sheets so that you have the option to choose what best represents the look and feel you want.

5. Develop a Custom Signature

Arguably just as important as your first impression is your sign off. Finish strong with your personal signature and brand logo. You can include your name, title, and contact information in a signature or keep it simple with your business’s name and logo. We can even help you turn your signature into a stamp to make signing off simple and look great every time.


Ready to get your business looking sharp? Let our team at Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard help you put your best foot forward by designing and producing your professionally printed custom stationery. Contact us for a quote today! 

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How You Can Effectively Market Yourself at Outdoor Events

Outdoor Event Marketing

With summer right around the corner it’s time to start thinking about how you can refresh your business’s marketing to reach potential customers. Warmer weather means more people are getting outside which presents a great opportunity to make the most of print advertising and signage to show off your personalized branding. The approaching outdoor festivals can provide businesses with the perfect venue to meet local customers and build brand recognition within a community. Having the right tools to advertise your company can ensure that you make an impression, and that customers leave events remembering your business. The Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard team of highly skilled designers and print professionals can work with you to get the most of your outdoor event marketing strategy. We are here to ensure you literally stand out in the crowd! 

Outdoor Events Marketing Tip #1: Make Your Company Visible 

The key to successful outdoor event marketing is visibility. Maintaining high visibility is a priority for companies attending events with large amounts of traffic where the opportunity to be seen by new potential customers is endless. Businesses can use banner printing services to create wide, eye-catching displays that gain the attention of crowd members. Information printed onto the banner should be big enough to be readable by those walking past the display, making it easy for them to write down your contact information or take a picture for later use. 

Outdoor Events Marketing Tip #2: Use the Right Materials

Outdoor event marketing happens outside, which can present some concerns when you’re thinking about using print media out in the elements. Our banners can be made from durable materials that resist damage received from rain, which can turn advertisements for outdoor events into long term investments capable of being reused at different festivals and events. General ads that feature the name of your company alongside your logo and slogan can be used as the sign for booths over and over again. 

Outdoor Events Marketing Tip #3: Pass it Around! 

There’s a near infinite possibility to the ways you can promote your business on the site of an outdoor event. Creating handouts such as flyers that can be distributed at a booth or printed materials that can be personally handed out to consumers around the event is a great way your outdoor event marketing strategy can cover ground. Flyers can help describe the goods and services you offer while providing useful contact information such as website addresses and phone numbers to potential customers. The more people who see your branding while out and about at an outdoor event, the more likely they are to remember your company and call you up when they need you.  

Outdoor Events Marketing Tip #4: Make Connections 

Business cards are another tool that you can bring to outdoor events as a distributable item. Customers may be interested in finding out more about the services you offer or purchasing items from you when they are ready, so it pays to invest in forming connections with potential clients by giving them professionally printed cards. Having a small token to bring home with them and toss on a kitchen table or fridge becomes a placeholder for your business and makes it easy for them to contact you in the future. 

Outdoor Events Marketing Tip #5: Dress to Impress

Sending your representatives to an event decked out in branded apparel is a great way to promote your business. They become a walking talking outdoor marketing event billboard. Not only will they be looking sharp while representing your company, but they will be walking advertising, promoting your business while passing out flyers, connecting with potential customers, and commuting to and from the event.  

Check out our recent branded apparel blog to discover five reasons why your company will benefit from having branded apparel!


Ready to start prepping for your outdoor event marketing campaign? Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard is your one stop shop for everything you need to make an impression this summer. Contact us for a quote today! We Design. We Print. You Profit!