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4 Reasons Your Professional Services Business Should work With A Print Companyaccoustic communcation

Why Professional Services Business Should work With A Print Company

Are you a hard-working professional services proprietor who uses printed products like brochures and presentation folders in your daily work routine? Many professional services including lawyers, chiropractic offices and travel agencies rely on printed products to promote their services to their clients and potential clients. Professional services use printed resources to convey important messages daily – make sure you get the best value possible by collaborating with experts like us! 

As a hard-working professional we understand that running a business can be stressful. Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard aims to take care of all your print needs so that you can outsource the time and labour needed to successfully market your business.  

For 4 Reasons why your professional services company should work with printing specialists like us, continue reading below: 

4 reasons you should use print in your Professional Services business 

  1. Outsource your printing needs 

Too much on your plate? We will take care of your outsourcing needs. Hiring a printing company can help save you time and money. By using our professional graphic designers, we can bring your vision to life. You as a professional take on a lot daily as it is, so let us take care of your restock and delivery needs. We can set you up on a re-order plan making it easier to schedule you restocks and deliveries. 

  1. Benefit from the work of professional graphic designers 

Do you have a vision and want to see it come to life? At Minuteman we specialize in Graphic Design. By collaborating with our professional graphic designers, we can make that happen. Minuteman can help you create designs that stand for your business and target your audience effectively. Some of the products we can help you design include brochures, presentation folders, and mailing cards to promote your services. 


Does your business need an effective way to get vital information across? Brochures are an excellent resource for professionals. They hold a large amount of information in a small area giving you lots of space to convey your message. These products are easily distributed and can be placed easily in many popular locations to relay essential information to potential clients. Most importantly these printed resources are very cost-effective compared to other products. 

Presentation Folders 

Want to look professional for your next important meeting? Presentation folders are an excellent resource to have. While looking professional they also are effective for keeping all your important documents organized. Presentation folders can be customized to promote your services including your logo, mission statements and contact information. design your folders to promote your services can help your clients or potential new clients remember you just by looking at your folder during a presentation. 

Mailings for clients 

A valuable resource in any professional service is mailings for clients and potential clients. This allows you to convey your message and relay valuable information directly to your clients or potential clients. At Minuteman we use Canada Post to efficiently and effectively deliver your direct mail. You can customize and use your branding to design effective mailing cards to be sent out. With our direct mailing services, we can target a specific client base and attract new clients and keep current clients connected. 

  1. Support your local business network 

Minuteman is a locally owned franchise by collaborating with us you are helping support local small businesses. We pride ourselves as businesspeople who are active in our local community supplying exceptional quality and services. We supply support to many other local businesses by supplying their services and keeping them in business helps the community as a whole. By supporting local small businesses, you are supporting your community. 

  1. Print is still one of the most effective marketing tools 

In a world that’s increasingly become more digital, many business owners make the mistake of slacking on their print marketing. Digital and direct go hand in hand when creating the best marketing tools for your business. Print marketing materials can be personalized, therefore creating the ability to form a highly personal connection with your client or potential client. By creating a sensory impact as well clients are more likely to remember your brand compared to a digital tool. 


Are you ready to obtain a wider client base and keep clients intrigued? Minuteman Press Calgary Shepard can collaborate with you to create the right printed products to promote your services. We specialize in graphic design for all your printing needs. Contact us  today to bring your vision to life and start promoting your services.